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About Link Frenzy

Link Frenzy is a new and unique website that makes it possible for Australian businesses to obtain quality backlinks to their website.

Link Frenzy provides businesses a quality 'directory style' webpage and an additional back link directly from our home page, too often paid or sponsored links are buried deep within a website offering little benefit to the linked site, at Link Frenzy we're different - we have spent the time to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your listing.

Back Links what you need to know

Back links are incoming links to a website or web page. These links were originally how the internet connected web sites and web pages together, before search engines and directories these back links were the primary method of web navigation.

Today back links play an important role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the number of back links is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or web page, Google, Yahoo and Bing use backlinks as a measure of the importance of a website, Google in particular uses back links in the PageRank system which is an important element of the search results.

Why is Link Building important and how do I do it ?

Link Building is the process of developing relationships for your website, just like building and developing relationships in the physical world link building gives your website credibility with the search engines and can greatly improve your ranking with sites like Google.

Link Building as a search engine tool works like a recommendation from one website to another, just like you wouldn't want to associate with 'bad people' in your real life so to it is important to ensure that your online associations are also positive and reflect the character of the business that you have.

So now that we have established that link building is important what types of links are beneficial ? Links from directory style websites with quality information (like Link Frenzy) can benefit your website as not only do you get a back link but people that find your business also benefit by having access to the correct information about your business no matter where they find you. Other positive links are those from industry associations, local government directories and other directories specific to the niche that your business operates in. i.e Travel or Trades directories.

Other beneficial links are those from articles or blog posts that relate to your business category, if you can contribute information to the broader community these links will provide many positive benefits to your own website.

So how do I find these link building opportunities ? - the easiest way to find these opportunities is to search for them via the internet itself, by using Google or other search engines and the following searches you are sure to find some great Link Building opportunities.

  • submit links + plumber (assuming that you are a Plumber)
  • add my business + plumber
  • online directory + add my business

Things to be aware of and links to avoid - Other than directory style link building other paid links are generally of little benefit, it is also important that link building occurs naturally and over time, again just like the physical world you wouldn't get 1000 new friends overnight so to your online link building, Google and the other search engines will become suspicious of high numbers of non specific links to your site if they occur quickly.

So in summary (and also an analogy) If you moved house to a new suburb you would firstly meet your neighbours, then some other people in your street, then some people in your suburb, you would maintain contact with your family (a group you are related to), meet people in community groups (prominent figures in your area) and contribute back into this community. Whilst this is a little simplistic and very traditional this is how the internet works, search engines have spent a significant amount of time trying to mimic how we interact in the real world, this relationship building or link building is at the very core of search engine optimisation.

Why we believe Link Frenzy is a better Web Directory

For many years we have watched as other directories charge higher and higher prices whilst offering less to advertisers, at many of these other directories their focus is on themselves and their clients, the people that use their directories to find any business to service their needs, at Link Frenzy we're different, we want people to find your business and we do this is five ways...

  • We give your page a meaningful page title that helps people locate you from the Search Engines
  • We optimise your page for your business, with your description and keywords (not ours).
  • Your page URL is directly below our home page unlike some of our competitors (www.linkfrenzy.com.au/yourbusiness)
  • Content you create, you edit and you can update as freely as you like
  • And the big one - NO ADS from your competitors business (or anybody else, ever)

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It may sound a little simple but Search Engine Optimisation is quite simply the process of optimising your website for search engines - by this we mean matching your website information as closely as possible to what people are searching for on Google or other search engines.

By matching elements of your website to the things people are searching for you improve the likelihood of your website ranking highly on Google and therefore people finding your website.

This optimisation includes carefully choosing your domain name (if you don't already have one) using page names and page titles that support your optimisation goals, using one (or no more than two) themes on each page of your website and then matching headings and body text to these themes, by following these simple guidlines your website is going to more closely match the searches people make when looking for businesses that provide the products or services that you offer.